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We do believe communication in English is very important; therefore it is one of the main focuses in our courses. No matter what your level is, English is the only language spoken in our class. Every lesson will be enthusiastic, interesting and interactive and provide you with a comfortable environment in order for you to receive the best quality learning experience.Your professional staff and friendly teachers at Wm English School will guide you, support you, build your confidence and give you feedback. Though, you can practice listening to authentic and different English accents. Our motto is:’’ more you practice and the more exposure you have to English, the faster your ability and confidence will improve’’. We do always encourage our students to change their habits by using English as much as possible in their daily life. We look forward to welcoming you as a student of WM English School and let’s started.

WM English School

It is the site of the WM English School, dedicated to the 6th anniversary of the school! We hope that the information we provide will be useful and interesting, whether you know WM English School, now or learn about it. Our goal is to show you the school through the eyes of anyone who has touched it in one way or another. All our pride is the result of hard work and efforts of our team, and every student, and the student’s parents. With stories, memories , images and video we want to show you the path that WM English School has come to be what it is now – 6 years after its inception as WM School of English.

Our Future

We offer a range of courses to help your progress and sit your exams for the prestigious internationally recognized TOEFL, TOEC, and IELTS. Since 2006 we have offered plenty of supports to hundreds of applicants to achieve their academic and professional goals. Since 2008 teenage students have been able to enroll on BAC preparatory courses. We provide language teaching for all age groups, besides courses for children, teenagers, and adults. Our WM English School.works with corporate clients and satisfies every student’s needs. Our courses progress your English, give you detailed and long lasting knowledge in order to develop effective communicative and team working skills, and make you a confident English speaker. Our unique method’’ Neurolinguistic’’ which we implement is non-traditional and based on the newest world tendencies in teaching English which enables us to work effectively with different age groups and make our students competitive. Our aim is to make our students as competitive as possible in order to reach their academic and professional goals.

"WM English School is well known in algiers. My students are satisfied with our methodology, they enjoy the classes and they are very excited to speak English. Our school is located in Didouche Mourad street (Audin), that permits to our students and visitors easy access"

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"WM English School is considred as being The right place for people who want to acquire english and improve their skills. As a teacher i do my best to satisfy aal my student needs by using a brand new methodology. Which mastly consists of listening and speaking activities, that allows students awtononmous. The lesson are very simplified and done in a really structured and organized way, and thanks to the various accomodatious the school has, students are learning easily and quickly obviously a student can speak english in 3 mounths name of the teacher."
Mr Saïd

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